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April oil price

oil-price-chart-BBC-april-9-2020 March April 2020 oil price change
Brent dropped by more than half, below the January 2016 $29 low - from January 2020 over two months. Late March saw 25 then 23 dollars. Shell share price dropped below £10, below the 2016 £12 minimum, but has since gained 50%. Since the low there has been an oil price recovery of 40-50%. Whether cheap oil will help the...
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Oil price uptick

As of Remembrance day, Brent stays steady in a narrow window holding firm just above 60 USD as winter bites early across the northern hemisphere.

September 2019 news

oil-price From BBC
New website up and running at last. Oil price: April May average 70 USD June July 64 August 59 It could go to 40 with an economic slowdown, but prediction is impossible. 

Falklands flight, Patagonian Meanders

​Falklands flight, Patagonian Meanders

Falklands Flight, Andean Volcanoes

​Falklands Flight, Andean Volcanoes

Gas seep at Trinidad pitch lake

​Gas seep at Trinidad pitch lake

The Trinidad pitch lake and the expert

The Trinidad pitch lake and the expert.